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The referee who caught the Vietnam vs Thailand match had to receive 'consequences' from the BTC AFF Cup 2021?

After exchanging words with VFF, the BTC AFF Cup 2021 finally made a decision on the referee match between Vietnam and Thailand.

As information was reported by us on the afternoon of December 24, after the semi-final first leg between Vietnam and Thailand, VFF permanent vice president Tran Quoc Tuan had an exchange with AFF President Khiev Sameth and AFF Secretary General Winston Lee on issues arising in arbitration since the qualifying stage until now.

And by the evening of the same day, we received the final information from the AFF Cup 2021 organizers about the refereeing in the first leg semi-final first leg of the AFF Cup 2021 between Vietnam and Thailand.

According to the information we received, on the afternoon of December 24, the BTC AFF Cup 2021 had direct discussions with the referee team controlling the match between Vietnam and Thailand, controlled by Mr. Al-Adba Saoud Ali. main. AFF President Khiev Sameth especially emphasized that it was not something he wanted to cause public outrage after the match on December 23.

More specifically, our source said, the BTC AFF Cup 2021 has reviewed and evaluated the quality of the referee work to have a more effective management solution for the 2 semi-finals and 2 legs. Al-Adba Saoud Ali will not start any more matches at the AFF Cup 2021, including 2 semi-finals second leg and 2 finals first leg and final match of AFF Cup 2021 final. about.

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